Explore the following topics with Susan Fullmer:

  • Intuitive readings (All topics such as relationships, health, career, life etc.)

  • Energy medicine healing (In person and remote)

  • Understanding and releasing old energetic patterns that can lead to disease, injury, and disharmony in life

  • Energetic protections

  • Cutting unhealthy energetic cords with others

  • Developing and nurturing relationships with Spirit Helpers (includes guides, deities, animals, ancestors, nature spirits, etc.)

  • Understanding and developing psychic abilities

  • Dream interpretation

  • Past lives

  • Generational/ancestral healing

  • Energetically clearing rooms/buildings/land/objects

  • Shamanic practices

  • Soul retrieval

  • Working with the dead/crossing over (Shamanic psychopomp)

  • Working with the dying

  • Consciously creating the life you want

  • Extraterrestrials


Intuitive reading and healing sessions can be done over the phone or with Google Hangouts.  For an appointment, call or text 208-260-0033.

Also see Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WooWooSchoo

Susan is also available for teaching/presenting at retreats or workshops, group healings, leading sacred ceremonies, and inspirational speaking engagements.

She does not give medical or mental health advice.  A session with Susan cannot be construed as a replacement for treatment with a professional healthcare provider.