Radio Talk Show Host

While a student at Boise State University, Susan Fullmer was the producer and host of a weekly radio talk show called, All Things Woo Woo.  These podcasted shows contains education, guided meditations and expert guests on a variety of topics.  A few of these topics are as follows: 

  • The healing power of Native song.

  • What you always wanted to know about Massage Therapy but was afraid to ask.

  • This is what a Psychic Medium looks like.

  • The Tale of a Mermaid.

  • Who put Woo Woo in the Portland VA?

  • Mr. Montana Two-Spirit.

  • The Bee Whisperer.

  • The Artist/Fire Dancer.

  • My Little Pony Tarot Deck.

All Shows are podcasted and can be found at OneDrive.  Podcasts engineered by Brandon Lofthouse. 

Follow the visuals on Facebook page, All Things Woo Woo.  This show was originally produced from Boise State University's student radio, at University Pulseas