Testimonial #1

I met Susan six months ago, and she is a catalyst for healing on many levels.  She isn't going to tell you the "future" but she serves as a guide, mediator, medium, or channel to help you become aware and process energetic ailments (old and new).  One of the most powerful experiences I've had was an ancestral healing that was facilitated by Susan.  She intuitively picked up the urgency to do so during our woman's drum circle.  My sister had mentioned a glimpse of an ancestor who was forgotten or left out.  Susan stayed with my sister and I after the drum circle to offer healing to our ancestor.  Our roots lay in Meso America which I had always logically identified with but never dug deeper.  This was the first time I had done anything like this, I wasn't aware of the gravity of what we were about to do. Susan is a strong responsible guide, what we dove into was dark, cold and full of pain.  Putting the full experience into words is difficult because they don't successfully convey what happened.  It took a lot of strength, patience, and help but we came in contact with our hurt ancestor.  We drummed, cried and vocalized for her and she made herself visible and let us know what she needed. Which was to be seen and heard. 

Generation upon generation of our people have been oppressed and cast into the shadows by the violence of colonization.  Susan led us through this in steps, taking time to feel, ask, and make sure we were all fully protected and safe.  She doesn't do the work for you! You must be ready to participate fully in your healing and ask yourself difficult questions.  This prompted me to do a self inventory to see where I was holding and practicing old patterns based off of fear and oppression.  I go back to this healing often and pull different lessons and insights from it.  

Boise, Idaho,  26 years old

Testimonial #2

Even healers need healing.  And if you talk to a healer who says they don't, you may not want to seek care from them.  Yes, it is true we can do some work on ourselves but there comes a time and place when we need the assistance of other professionals.  So, when I am in need of healing work, I go to Susan Fullmer.  She has been my personal healing arts practitioner for several years.  

Maria Anderson,  Wellness Facilitator - Portland, Oregon

Testimonial #3

I'd never undergone any kind of energy/psychic work before, and I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect.  Susan's calm, grounded presence put me at ease as she explained each step of the reading and subsequent healing.  The session resulted in important self-awareness and immediate and lasting pain relief.  I am very grateful.

Boise, Idaho

Testimonial #4

I'm fairly new to the world of readings and energy healings, but Susan has been walking with me step by step, as I'm (re)discovering myself and finding joy in the process.  Working through painful experiences, difficult decisions and feelings of loss, she gently helps me see that I am worthy of love and guidance and that I am not alone on my journey.  Feeling connected to God, helpers and even to myself is making all the difference as I move forward in hope and newness.

Lehi, Utah

Testimonial #5

Susan is helping me navigate my life transitions by reminding me of what is most important and providing a map to get there.  I look forward to working with her more on my path to more healing and happiness.  Her insights are very deep and helpful.


Intuitive Explorations with Susan Fullmer.jpg