Drum Circles


Susan has facilitated drum circles (both women and all gender) for many years.  The general intention of her circles are for safety, healing, authenticity, and to sit in sacred space as a community.




General Information on Susan's Drum Circles

What to bring (optional) - 

1.  Chair, pillow, blanket, or anything that would help you feel comfortable.

2.  Drum, rattle, didgeridoo.  There will be some loaners if you do not have something. 

3.  Sacred items.  There will be an alter where you can put these things during the circle.

What not to bring -

1.  Electronic devices. For two reasons.  
     a.  WIFI/cell phones/electronic devices are disruptive to the healthy flow of our energy bodies.  Very disruptive.  It's always a good idea to take a little holiday away from this energy from time to time.  This is one of those times.  See if you can feel the difference when you are sitting in a cell phone free zone.   
     b.  One of the main intentions for a drum circle is community connection.  Let us not be distracted from a precious face-to-face opportunity during our time together.

2.  Kids.  Sometimes our stories are raw and real and not suitable for children.  We need to be able to say what we need to say without filters.  (Family friendly circles can be held as well) 

Drum Circle Format (can be altered as needed) -

We begin with some guided meditation for grounding and clearing our energy, and to open sacred space.

And then we drum.  This is a free style drumming.  No experience necessary.  We do not follow a beat or a leader, we simply follow what is in our heart and in our gut.  We let the energy flow where it wants to flow and we drum until we are finished.  It is a beautiful time to go in and see what is there to be expressed.  Or if you prefer, you can dance, or tone, or sit and meditate or journey while others drum.

We then pass the talking stick, so those who would like to speak may do so.  The story is a powerful message especially when told in a sacred and safe space.  Confidentiality is paramount to help create that space.  Being present and listening is a great gift and a great blessing.  For clarity, this is not a process group.  We do not ask questions, make comments, or give advise.  We simply listen.

After the talking stick has been passed around the circle we will end by closing sacred space.  If time permits, and it is in the flow, we may also do some energy/shamanic healing work.